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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Memory-Making in Barbados - Photography by Lou

One of the really great things about going to Barbados for IVF is that you get a bonus tropical vacation. This is an awesome opportunity to really connect with your spouse as you undertake this life-changing challenge together. Think of it as a pre-pregnancy babymoon ;-)

That's why I always suggest at least one fancy dinner, some sunsets, whatever floats your romantic boat. First and foremost, before infertility, before babies, you're a couple in love. It's important to remember this, and not lose sight of that fact as you work toward your goal of adding to your family. I've seen it happen too often - infertility can break the couple who doesn't deliberately nurture their relationship.

I love the idea of a romantic couple's photo session to capture the love and strength and hope you're feeling as you pursue treatments. How special to look back on that time and see those things reflected in the photos! If you're bringing hopeful big siblings with you, it would be special to capture your family as it looks right then, too, before a new baby is added.

If you're interested in professional photos while you're in Barbados, the photos in this post were taken by Photography by Lou. We had such a great time with Lisa! Not only was she super-flexible when the kids freaked out about the ocean when we tried to take beach pictures, she was so patient and creative in getting great pictures, despite my kids' being tired and uncooperative (and on the verge of getting sick). I wish the kids had been in better moods, because I would have loved to have Lisa get some individual pictures of me for blog use :-) Check out her body of work on Instagram to see what I mean - she has such a talent for taking pictures that showcase a woman's power and strength. We'll definitely have to schedule with her again next time we're in Barbados!

I hope this post encourages you to make some time to make some beautiful and romantic memories with your spouse, and hopefully even to book a session with Photography by Lou to capture those memories forever. <3

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