Always, Katie: Illustrated Faith: First Few Pages (Matthew, Exodus, 1 Samuel)


Monday, February 1, 2016

Illustrated Faith: First Few Pages (Matthew, Exodus, 1 Samuel)

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I have been following the Illustrated Faith movement with great interest for a few months, and I got my first journaling Bible for Christmas! I've done a few pages, and while I am nowhere near as artistically inclined as lots of the other people who do this, that's not really what it's about :-) 

Here are a few of my favorites... I'm doing favorite memory verses and also hoping to start journaling passages used in our pastor's sermons.

My first pages <3  A story I can relate to, a cry I remember well... and a happy ending I'm thankful I can also claim <3

Fun fact: the music is roughly Amazing Grace.  Very roughly, because I didn't feel like messing with all the lines ;-) Another fun fact: I haven't touched watercolors since elementary school... haha!
Maybe my favorite... this speaks to my tired new mom, anxious, PPD, etc heart. Such a powerful promise!
I really feel like this is revolutionizing my quiet time!  It makes so much sense to me to journal and study this way... as a visual, creative person, outlines and detailed notes don't come naturally to me, and don't stick with me.  But rolling a passage around in my head for a while, praying about what I'm supposed to take away from it, then trying to express that visually has helped both the words and the message stay in my head and heart much better :-) 

Who else has tried this?  Would you please share any of your favorite inspiration, or your own posts?  If you haven't tried this and you're a visual creative like I am, I encourage you to give it a whirl!
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  1. This looks so fun! I too, have seen more and more of these journaling Bibles pop up, and they have sparked my interest! I'm glad you have enjoyed it! I'm going to be looking more into it!

    1. It IS a lot of fun!! I hope you join in and love it as much as I do :-)

  2. This is such a fascinating way to study to me! I love how you thought of amazing grace. We just sang that tonight in Bible Study. Can you see the words if you were to go back later?


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