Always, Katie: #BlogtemberChallenge: Getting Creative with Paper Beads


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#BlogtemberChallenge: Getting Creative with Paper Beads

"Get creative! Sketch, paint, dance, play music, whatever then give us a glimpse."

I shared these on Instagram a couple weeks ago when I made them.  I'd made paper beads once when I was a kid, but haven't in years and years.  Like, a lot of years.  Like, maybe 20.  Ouch.  But I had been craving a bit of a creative outlet, and was in the mood to learn something newish.  

I like that I can play around with supplies and colors without using a huge area to spread out, and I love how inexpensive this craft is (recycle some paper, and what crafter doesn't have modpodge, a paintbrush and some sort of thin thing to make the holes?  All I bought for this was a tiny thing of Minwax).  I don't soooo much like how much time it takes to make so few strung inches ;-)  I still haven't made anything out of the beads yet, but I do enjoy just playing with them :-)  These particular beads are made from pages of pearls from the catalogue of one of my favorite jewelry suppliers.  They're only about a centimeter long, so they're super-cute and dainty. I may do a how-to post on them soon... there are lots of them out there, but everybody does it a little differently, so I may throw my particular technique out there too :-)  Maybe it'll help it click for someone else, too.
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  1. What a fun talent! I have several necklaces made from paper beads why women in impoverished countries who learned who to make the beaded jewelry to keep them from slavery and prostitution and allow them to provide for their family (through )


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