Always, Katie: #BlogtemberChallenge: 3 Songs I'm Connecting With Right Now


Friday, September 25, 2015

#BlogtemberChallenge: 3 Songs I'm Connecting With Right Now

"Three songs you are connecting with right now."

1) You're Gonna Be - Reba McEntire 
This song gets me right in the feels... I've always really liked it, but now when I look into Abbie's and Sam's faces, the song starts playing in my head.  It talks about the things she hopes she can teach her children about life, and promises that no matter what, they will always be loved by her. I hope to be that steady constant in their lives, while they're learning and growing and changing, I hope they know that THAT won't change.

2) Mom - Garth Brooks
This song came out right about the time we found out that our frozen embryo transfer had worked, and that I was pregnant. I made me sob like a baby the first time I watched this video, and lots of people posted it to my facebook wall or tagged me in it.  It's another aspirational mom song :-)  I want to be the mom in this song, especially in these lines, "'Cause she's gonna teach you everything / You'll ever need to know / Like how to mind your manners / To love and laugh and dream / And she'll put you on the path / That'll bring you back to Me." 

3) Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift (ft.The Civil Wars)
I gave a lot of thought when I was pregnant as to what my go-to lullaby would probably be... nursery rhymes and traditional lullabies kind of creep me out (seriously, they're all morbid), so I figured it would be a "real" song, and liked the idea of this one.  I listened to and sang it in the shower a lot, and hummed it through my days, hoping the babies would get used to it and recognize it after they were born.  I had thought it worked for a while, but now it seems like they respond to almost any song I play, especially if I sing along.  :-)  But this one will still always remind me of that hopeful, magical (painful) time of running my hands over my swollen belly and imagining my babies on the outside :-)

How about you?  What songs are speaking to you lately? :-)
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