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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Baby, Baby: 35 Week Bumpdate

The Kidlets


How Far Along?
35 weeks.  This is average gestation for twins... every day I go from here, I'm that much more past average, and the babies are that much stronger... When five years of trying becomes "any day now," it feels like a crazy dream!!

One girl, one boy.

How big are they? 
They should be about at their birth lengths, and if they gain the typical half pound per week, they would each weigh about 5 and a half pounds now. :-)  My apps compare them to honeydew melons, canary melons, bunches of carrots, coconuts, or - most creatively - 5lb bags of potatoes. ;-)

Changing Momma

Pink and blue... a favorite color combo lately ;-)

Have you started showing yet?
Lil bit.

Weight Gain?
I'm up 34 pounds total...

Maternity Clothes?
If I have to leave the house, yes.

Stretch Marks?
Good grief.  This week, I rolled over in bed and felt a new patch of them rip.  That was fun! ;-) 

Belly Button In or Out?
It really couldn't BE any more flat... it's kinda funny.

Momma's Feeling

I was gifted a Moby wrap by a twin mom friend... needed to test it out and didn't have a human baby to try it on...

Mexican, any other sources of delicious hot protein...

Anything making you queasy or sick?

Happy or Moody Most of the Time?
I'm fairly moody.  I'm between "pretty uncomfortable" and "in a fair amount of pain" most of the time... it's getting hard to avoid the moodiness.

Mostly from Baby Boy.  We know Baby Girl is moving, but she is verrrry low, and I don't feel that much of her movement.  Baby Boy is doing his morning stretches in my ribcage as I type this...

Nightime is my most uncomfortable time, so I have a hard time getting to sleep.  Then I have to wake up frequently to roll or go to the bathroom... and sometimes just to say "owww..."  A couple of nights ago, I had such a bad night, I got up about 1:30 and took a(nother) hot shower. 

What I Miss:
Caffeine... sleep... stamina...

Other Symptoms:
Braxton Hicks, like, constantly.  I'm trusting my friends and nurses who say I'll KNOW when they're real, because these hurt and come one on top of the other just like I'm told real ones do....  My hands and feet swell a lot, my back and ribs ache, I sweat suddenly and for no apparent reason...

Highlights and Coming Soon

Waiting for the official "all's well" from the doctor after Tuesday's NST :-)

Best Moment of the Week:
Yesterday's appointment was a high note!  So was my massage on Wednesday, even if the effects didn't last nearly as long as I had hoped... 
Looking Forward To:
Honestly... getting these babies out.  I'm fried.

Doctor's Appointments:
I had an NST on Tuesday that went very well... plenty of data quickly from my busy little babies.  Yesterday, I had another NST and an OB visit.  We did a Group B Strep culture, since we're still planning on a vaginal delivery, and both the nurse and doctor could tell from glancing at me that Baby Girl had dropped.  (We were pretty sure this had happened on Thursday night... I had been in a ton of pain Wednesday night and most of Thursday... then Thursday at bedtime, when I went to rub where her head had been poking out by the end of most days, I found a narrower body part that I was pretty sure was a shoulder. Turns out I was right!)  The doctor says she's at -1 station, but that she is still in front of my cervix, so we don't know how dilated I may be yet.  We talked about delivery again, making firmer plans.  She even made a guess as to how much longer I'll go, but I think we'll keep that to ourselves for now :-)  She's thinking further than I am, though... she's the professional, but I am one uncomfortable Momma! She fully expects that I'll go into labor on my own, deliver vaginally, and I think take two healthy babies home with us... all of these things were big hopes but long shots when we found out we were having twins.  :-)
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