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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Baby, Baby: 31 Week Bumpdate

The Kidlets

How Far Along?
31 weeks!  We kind of have goals set every four weeks, so I'm so excited to be this close to the 32 week goal!  Less than seven weeks until we have our babies in our arms!

One little Miss, one little Mr. <3

How big are they? 
Probably over 16 inches long, weighing about as much as a coconut, and as big as a pineapple or head of romaine lettuce. It's been a week since they weighed 3lb6oz each, so I'm hoping they're both over three and a half pounds now... not sure we'll know another set of weights until May, though.

Changing Momma

Have you started showing yet?
Yeah, you could say that.

Weight Gain?
I'm actually down a half-pound from 2 weeks ago?  I'm guessing it's the difference in my clothes.

Maternity Clothes?
Maxi dresses and nighshirts are easier... I did manage to slip into a pre-pregnancy skirt with an awesomely stretchy waist for Easter, though

Stretch Marks?
So. Many. Stretch marks.

Belly Button In or Out?
Still in :-/  I want my outie!!  If I were just having one baby, at the size I am, the baby would be here and I'd have never popped!  

Momma's Feeling

Spicy... Skyline, Hot Head, Mexican...

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Just the mild morning sickness that's come back... I didn't know that was a thing, but my nurse seemed completely unsurprised.  Ugh.

Happy or Moody Most of the Time?
A little more irritable than usual, I think. 

All the time.  The feeling of a busy baby who is head down, low and engaging... it's a lot like the warning feelings before a messy bathroom situation. 

I love sleep.  I think I'm adjusting to the constant moving I have to do to keep comfortable.  I'm still doing the moving, but it isn't ruining the whole night of sleep like it had been.

What I Miss:
The usual... caffeine was a big one this week.  I want a McDonald's diet coke sooo badly!

Other Symptoms:
Braxton-Hicks have gotten pretty uncomfortable a few times this week.  We had a long, active day yesterday, and they were pretty miserable as a result.  I also itch constantly, as my belly just.keeps.growing :-)

Highlights and Coming Soon

Best Moment of the Week:
We picked up our new (to us) minivan yesterday!!  That's pretty exciting :-)  We also got a phenomenal deal on it... which is even more exciting ;-)  Also!  We got a few sneak peek pictures back from our maternity session, and they're awesome!!!
Looking Forward To:
I got a call on Wednesday that the doctor wanted to add an ultrasound to my April 16 NST to check on Baby Boy's fluids.  While I'm a little down that there is cause for a little bit of increased monitoring... at least we get to see the babies briefly again!  And our disc of maternity pics should be coming in the mail in the next couple days!  :-)  There may be a special mid-week post again this week :-)

Doctor's Appointments:
NST yesterday went very well.  I was showing contractions, but not in any kind of regular pattern or anything, so no worries.  Both babies behaved and had excellent responses :-)  We also got to meet with one of my doctors (our favorite - shh, don't tell them we have a preference), who was awesome about reassuing us about Baby Boy's fluid.  Getting a call mid-week to schedule additional monitoring made me pretty anxious - what changed in their head to go from "no worries" to "maybe worry some" - but Dr. M. said that those measurements are notoriously inaccurate and that with my diabetes control, and the fact that it's only affecting one of the two twins, and the fact that each baby has his/her own placenta, if there IS a slight increase in fluid the cause is probably idiopathic and there will probably be little to no effect on sweet Baby Boy.  He also said that with ALL the risk and complicating factors in my pregnancy, if this is the first and only cause for increased diligence, he's very unconcerned.  This did my momma heart so much good to hear!!  So now I can chillax until Thursday when we see them again :-)  

We have an ultrasound and NST on Thursday, and NSTs every week from here on out... plus our last growth ultrasound (probably) on May 1.
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