Always, Katie: Baby, Baby: 28 Week Bumpdate


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Baby, Baby: 28 Week Bumpdate

The Kidlets


How Far Along?
28 weeks!  Survivability is up to about 90% this week :-)  I'd prefer to keep them cooking, but I feel so much relief as those percentages creep upwards. 

One girl, one boy.

How big are they? 
They should theoretically be around 2.5 pounds each, and between 15-16 inches long.  My apps compare them to heads of cauliflower, eggplants, and tropical coconuts.  I like the tropical coconuts comparison for our little BarBABYdos babies <3

Changing Momma

Have you started showing yet?

Weight Gain?
Not sure.  This is probably my last week of being blissfully unaware, since I start weekly office visits this coming Friday :-)  23 pounds as of last check...

Maternity Clothes?
Oh yeah.  Although I've also started wearing some non-maternity (but very loose and flowy) maxi dresses I bought last year for our Barbados trip. 

Stretch Marks?
Oh my goodness, yes.  But I'd say 90% of them are on the southern hemisphere of my bump, which seems odd to me. 

Belly Button In or Out?
We've begun referring to it as the belly dimple, but it's still in.

Momma's Feeling

Charley's testing one of the cribs to make sure it's comfy enough for his baby brother or sister. :-)  I've spent a bunch of time working in there this week!

Any food anyone mentions...

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Not specifically, but I was nauseated a few times this week.  No idea why.

Happy or Moody Most of the Time?

Constantly <3  I even caught some of her moves on video, with clothes over my belly!  If you're so inclined, you can hop over to my Instagram to see it :-)

Meh.  I'm very lucky I can sleep as late as I need to to make up for not sleeping much at a time.

What I Miss:
The usual.  :-)

Other Symptoms:
Round ligament pain is so bad at times...

Highlights and Coming Soon

Best Moment of the Week:
Ethan and I knew that since I'm too high-risk to be too far from my doctors for too long, a normal "babymoon" wouldn't work for us.  So we decided to take a couple of little day trips and/or do some fun little activities closer to home.  Yesterday, we drove to a restaurant we love, two hours from home. It actually ended up being about 3.5 hour from home because of horrendous traffic, but we had a great (ohmygosh, GREAT) meal at Sonny's BBQ in Richmond, KY (the closest location to us - it's southern-based), shopped at Belk (a southern department store we like), and came home to our puppy and beds.  Besides the most delicious bbq in the world, it was really nice spending so much time just the two of us.  We talked about baby names, the nursery, all of the things we need to do (and all we've done)... and just teased and joked and laughed.  I love hanging out with this wonderful man, and can't wait to raise the cutest little nerdbabies with him :-)
Looking Forward To:
My first NST on Friday.  Hopefully, it's completely normal and a check-off kind of task, but it's a new milestone, and those are always fun :-)  Also excited that 30 weeks is totally visible from here...hang in there, babies! 

Doctor's Appointments:
Nothing this past week, NST Friday (plus some blood work, my second RhoGam shot, and a Tdap booster... yay...), and ultrasound and NST the Friday after that! 

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