Always, Katie: Baby, Baby: 10 Week Bumpdate


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Baby, Baby: 10 Week Bumpdate

The Kidlets

How Far Along? 
I am 10 weeks today!  

Don't know yet... can't wait, though!!  To be perfectly honest, I'm really hoping for one of each!  (And before anyone jumps down my throat that it doesn't matter, as long as they're healthy... that's obviously my top priority for the next 6ish months... but that doesn't mean I can't ALSO have gender preferences!)

How Big are They? 
According to various sources, each baby is the size of a kumquat, prune, or baby carrot.  I'm going with baby carrots, because I have no frame of reference for a kumquat, and the thought of prunes is turning my stomach ;-)

Changing Momma

Have You Started to Show Yet?  
Yes!!  Just a tiny bit, but it's definitely a bump!  I'm so proud! <3

Weight Gain?
I haven't gained any weight in the last four weeks!  Before that, I was up about 5 pounds from my pre-IVF weight, but I'm not sure if that came before or after I was officially pregnant :-)  I can tell I'm losing weight in my arms (always a beefier area on me) and thighs, so that must be how I'm bumping without gaining....
Maternity Clothes?
I have some, but I'm not wearing them most of the time.  Except my maternity yoga pants from Old Navy, but I've been wearing those for months ;-)  They're just so comfy!  Everything is stretch or drawstring, but it's still pre-pregnancy clothes. 

Stretch Marks? 
No new ones :-)

Belly Button In or Out?
Still in.

Momma's Feeling

Mexican, mostly.  I've had other, brief cravings, but they don't last once I've eaten whatever I was craving.  I thought the craziest had been Chili Cheese Fritos dipped in cream cheese, but a bunch of friends convinced me that it actually sounded good to non-pregnant people, too :-)

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick?  
This has been a ROUGH week for morning sickness.  All kinds of smells, foods, and just breathing have made me nauseated.  I've had serious aversions to eggs (of all sorts) and cold cheese for weeks... melted cheese is fine.  Unless I saw it cold first. ;-)

Happy or Moody Most of the Time?   
I'm really mellow and introspective lately, for the most part.  But if I get ticked off, I have to fight the urge to go OFF.  Only happened like once this week, and I managed to behave myself. ;-)

Not that I can feel, but it was fun to watch them wiggle and swim on our ultrasound this week!

What's that?  Between my bladder and my blood sugar, it's been hard to come by.  Most nights, I'm only getting 1.5 - 2 hours at a time. 

What I miss:
Hot baths and my heating pad!  And maybe the sleep... ;-) 

Other Symptoms: 
Some stretchy feelings, backaches are starting, I'm SUPER-tired, and my blood sugars are pretty much hanging out in the basement. 

Highlights and Coming Soon

Best Moment of the Week?  
Seeing both babies on the ultrasound, the perfect sizes, perfect heart beats, and wiggling and swimming around.  We are SO in love!  2nd place was finally finding one heartbeat on our Doppler... we couldn't get an accurate count, couldn't figure out which baby it was (or if it was a combo or something - twins are notoriously tough to peg on Dopplers.) Honorable mention goes to getting the bulk of our registry done the other night!  It was a busy, great week!

Looking Forward To:  
First official OB appointment with my high-risk doc next week... another ultrasound during week 12. My LAST progesterone-in-oil shot TONIGHT!!
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