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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BarBABYdos: Phone Consult

We had our phone consult with Dr. Skinner this morning, and we are right on track as expected!  

The call went very well, we thought.  She went over all of our history and talked about how that would affect our protocols and treatment.  Some of the things we know now is that I will be on an antagonist protocol, and we are using Gonal-F and Menopur/Repronex (I need to do a little bit more research into what that means), diabetes control is not usually bothered by down-reg or stim drugs, and that they typically culture embryos out to the blastocyst (older) stage and transfer two at a time in women my age. We discussed concerns about me carrying a twin pregnancy (she estimates my odds of pregnancy with a 2-embryo transfer at about 80%, but of twins near 40%), and talked about the pros and cons of single-embryo versus 2-embryo transfer.  She cited various medical studies on these topics, which we really appreciate! 

Overall, we were impressed with her thoroughness and her obvious brilliance.  We especially loved every time she said something to the effect of "because of your diabetes, we'll do ____" or "because of your PCOS, you'll probably__, so we'll probably__."  We feel like she was considering all angles and that we are getting a very personalized protocol :-)  

The next step is for Anna, the clinic coordinator (and lovely lady who has already graciously fielded roughly a zillion dumb or nervous questions from me) to call/email me to talk specifics of HOW we'll coordinate with my doctors here, HOW I'll get HOW MUCH of WHICH medications sent to me, WHEN we start each step, and all of the other million little details. :-)  Dr. Skinner said she'd call hopefully in the next 24 hours or so... it's only been about five hours as of the publishing of this post, and I have been DIVING for my phone every time the poor little chunk of metal makes a noise. :-)  So exciting!!  Eeeep!!! 
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PS: And just in case you're wondering... I am aware of the date, and none of this is a "joke."  ;-)

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  1. I'm glad it went well. All sounds very positive. I have everything crossed for you! x


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