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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Girl between The Lines - Favorite Photo and Story

Today, I'm joining Lauren and Hayley's "The Girl between The Lines" link-up party :-)

The prompt this week is "Share one of your favorite photos & the story behind it!"  Which is both fun and difficult for me, because I LOVE pictures...  I have hundreds of favorites!

But here's the one I've chosen...

On the morning of our wedding, our wedding planner brought me a card from Ethan.  It was beautiful, with sweet words - Hallmark and his own - that made my heart soar and my feet itch to get to the end of that aisle!  It was such an Ethan thing to do... so thoughtful and loving.  And I love this picture for the reminder of that gesture, and for the look on my face.  That's the face of a woman being reminded yet again of what a great man she was marrying. <3

Girl Between the Lines Link up
 photo Signature_zps07f89d48.jpg 
PS: I have another silent auction item preview posting this evening, and a small IVF update hopefully tomorrow :-) 


  1. How sweet, that he couldn't wait until you were standing across from each other to say your vows to express his love for you!! Love that!
    Eva Marie

  2. What a wonderful thing to do the day of your wedding. Props to your hubby for being so thoughtful! Lovely photo!

  3. Aww! How cute! I love that you have a picture of that exact moment when you were reading the card!

  4. Visiting from the linkup. Such a sweet moment and what a wonderful thing to have it captured forever! I also love your description of your "feet itching" to get to the end of the aisle!

  5. SO sweet!! I wrote a letter to my husband on our wedding day and he says he really cherishes the memory of reading it! Thanks for sharing, Katie!


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