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Thursday, February 13, 2014

IVF Adventure: First Meds

As much as we've longed and tried for a baby, it is still so hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that I am now taking birth control pills!  

I had bloodwork drawn on Monday, to see what was up with Aunt Flo.  They drew estradiol, progesterone and HSG.  My estradiol was low (no surprise), HSG was negative (good to know I'm not already pregnant before starting IVF!) and my progesterone was 1.  The IVF nurse coordinator told me that 1 is extremely low, and that a period usually starts when it goes under 3.  My doctor said we could go ahead and start the pill instead of waiting for a period that may or may not have come :-)  So I started it on Tuesday afternoon.

Since this is my first experience with "the pill," I figured that if it made me moody or whatever, it would take a couple weeks or so for those side effects to kick in, and by then we'd be almost ready to move on to Follistim.  Um... nope. I was wrong.  2 pills in, and I feel so weird.  Things have been going pretty great around here, really.  Work is good, IVF is moving along, everything's kinda coming up Katie right now... but I have been swinging between weepy and ragey all day today.  Which makes me REALLY nervous about the bigger gun drugs!  Please pray that I can adjust to these hormones and all the rest to come!
A pin I've been repeating to myself over... and over... and over.... :-)

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