Always, Katie: Thoughts on Turning 26


Friday, August 9, 2013

Thoughts on Turning 26

I turned 26 on Wednesday, and I’ve had a few rambling birthday-related musings....
  • My day included a lot of good food. Ethan got my favorite doughnuts for us for breakfast, and then took me to Skyline for lunch. After his parents got off work, we went out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and had a delicious Carrabbas meal. There was cake, too, but we were all too full after dinner and saved it for the next day’s dessert. :-)
  • One of the highlights of my day was the Facebook love I got. Over 100 of my friends wished me a happy birthday, in comments and private messages, and I was DELIGHTED to have conversations with many of these. A lot of people are a little bit snarky about Facebook birthday wishes ("they wouldn't have even KNOWN it was my birthday if Facebook hadn't told them!")... but I don’t get that! Yeah, 95% of the people that wrote on my wall or messaged me wouldn’t have known it was my birthday if it weren’t for Facebook, but they still took a few minutes of their time to pop over and leave a little love when they found out. They could’ve ignored the notification. But they chose not to. And that means a LOT. All day, I just felt LOVED.
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    • 26 sounds so much older than 25, and I’m glad of that. I agree with Jennifer Garner’s character in “13 Going on 30” that people take you more seriously when you’re in your 30s… so I can’t WAIT to be 30. As long as I have a baby first. Really, getting an early-enough start on baby-making so I can have a couple before the biggest fertility decline (of my already impaired fertility) starts around age 35 is the only reason I have for clinging to my 20s. ;-)
      • Part of my celebration was a nice, leisurely browse through JoAnn Fabrics (which I missed terribly while living in SC) with my darling and patient husband. I got a ball of one of new Sashay yarn colors, and two pieces of pretty, silky fabric with which to make summer-weight scarves for myself. So… three new scarves, some assembly required :-) I have been looking for great deals on summer scarves, but just couldn’t bring myself to pay $10, 15, 20 (or WAY more) for one. But these two pieces of fabric (TOGETHER) cost me $7.05. BooYah!
      • Ethan got me the most beautiful aquamarine necklace… I’m so glad he’s amazing at finding great deals, because it lets him spoil me ridiculously, while staying within our budget. ;-)
        • On a related note… I love being treated like a princess. Is that bad? I hope not.
        • His birthday is six days after mine, and I can’t waaaaaaiiiittttt for it to get here!! The picking out gifts, baking a cake, and surprising and celebrating the love of my life is such fun! Yay!
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        1. A leisurely stroll through a craft store sounds like a heavenly way to spend a birthday to me!!!! :) Must share a picture of your scarves when you get them finished!


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