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Monday, October 1, 2012

Shop Talk: Custom Family Tree Pendants

These aren't in the etsy shop, so I'm cheating a little bit on the "Shop Talk" title. :-)  

If you're looking for a touching, personalized gift for a mom or grandma (or great grandma!) in your life, this might be just the pendant you're looking for!

This is a finished product for a customer... the bigger crystals are the birthstones for the recipient's children, and the smaller crystals represent her grandchildren. I added green aventurine chips as filler, to look like leaves.  What mom/grandma/great-grandma wouldn't love a sparkly reminder of all of their blessings?

Depending on how many crystals I use, they cost $12, $15, $18 or $21, and I can add a silver-plated chain for another dollar.  If you're interested, shoot an email to and we can chat!  


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