Always, Katie: I Love My Marble Rolling Pin


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Love My Marble Rolling Pin

This will not be nearly as long a review as my paring knife review... just wanted to say that I LOVE my marble rolling pin!  

I've been making sugar cookies all the time now, because it's just not NEARLY as big a pain in the tushy as it used to be!  This thing weighs a ton, and it does all the work of rolling... I just have to direct it. :c)  Then, clean up is a piece of cake (or cookie, lol)... just some water and a wipedown.  It doesn't splinter or get all funky like a wooden pin, or get mildewy like the plastic, water-filled kind.  And I really can't over-emphasize how much easier the weight makes rolling stuff!  

And it wasn't expensive AT ALL!  If you like to bake, and hate rolling dough... you should totally treat yourself to one of these!  


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  1. Consider a wooden rolling pin. Wooden rolling pins are traditional and can be made from a variety of wood types, including fragrant wood such as the delightful huon pine from Tasmania. The larger the wooden rolling pin, the heavier it will be.


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