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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Merry Christmas!

So this is a little late, but I thought I'd share a little bit about our Christmas celebrations.  

Today, I took down our Christmas tree.  And I really don't feel all that bad that it's February 1!  Since we were in the middle of our move, we didn't decorate our Ohio house at all.  As a MAJOR Christmas person, it was a little sad for me, but we got to spend lots of time celebrating at our families' homes.  So, the season wasn't completely empty of twinkly lights and plastic pines.  

The first order of decorating business for me when we got into our apartment was to put up our tree.  Yes, it was December 31, but I didn't care!  We had an intimate, modestvChristmas - just the three of us -  and it was completely romantic.  It felt like a first married Christmas, in a "tiny" apartment, an old Walmart tree, no ornaments (since I accidentally left them on our stove in Ohio)... giving each other small (and in my case, some homemade) gifts, and snuggling.  I LOVE snuggling!  It was the most perfect Christmas ever, and totally worth waiting a week to have! And New Year's Day had so much significance for us this year - as it was really more like "New Life Day." 

Here is our tree... It's the one I had in my dorm room my last year of college, and it only cost me $35 back then.  It is a little worn out and wimpy - but hey! - the price was right and it's pre-lit!  

And this was one of my favorite gifts for Ethan this year - I commissioned custom-made ornaments by Cute-n-Clay (aka, my friend Rachel). 

Perfect for my adorably nerdy husband - "old school" Nintendo controllers, and the newer WiiMotes!  Rachel just started blogging, so go visit!  Besides ornaments, she makes figurines and cake toppers... with super-cute attention to detail. Check out her Etsy shop, too! 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas season, and a great start to 2012!



  1. HA! Thank you so much for the advertising ! you are the BEST! The ornaments look so great!

    1. I agree! The ornaments DO look great :-) Ethan was tickled pink when he opened them! And you're more than welcome for the advertising! You have a wonderful talent, and a sweet heart... I'm always glad to share that!


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