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Friday, June 10, 2011

Project Closet Office WrapUp

I'm going to try to wrap up my cloffice project today!  I have an awful lot of pictures and cool details to show you, and an office that is sooo begging me to bead, so I'm hoping I can get through this post in a reasonably small number of sittings ;-)

First things, first: we went shopping.  Among our purchases were some particle board screws, which Ethan used to secure the melamine slab to the cubby-thingies:

To cover the relative ugliness of screws and hole in my pristine white desktop, I had already decided I was going to use the pictures I have been clipping from magazines and such... and some triple-thick glaze.  Right now, there is only one picture on it, but I expect that adding to it will be a project that lasts as long as the desk does!  (And I already have a stack of images waiting to be added)

Next, I needed light!  Not just any light... lanterns.  Woo!  I have fishing line holding these beauties in place:

They're cute, but not super-bright.  I did, however, have an old lamp from my dorm days laying around... the shade was broken in one of my moves, so I made a new one.  I'm not entirely thrilled, but it's a start!  I got the idea for the ruffles here...

We also got some organizers for mailing supplies, receipts, orders, and components that don't fit in tiny tubs...

I suspect that this one will be spray painted yellow in the near future!

I need somewhere to keep custom order notes, idea cards, coupons/codes and other miscellaneous stuff that I am apt to lose :-) So, I got a bunch of little 6"x6" cork tiles, and hot glued fun ribbon borders to them, and mounted them to the wall using the two-sided tape included in the packages.

The green ones are my favorites!
Now, I have lots of space to keep my bead organizers... 

The 624 crystals that came in Thursday's mail!
... inventory...

Grab bags!  Claim yours now!
... pieces waiting to be photographed, or that just make me smile :-)...

Purple version of my chandelier set... better close-ups later!

... and some cute, happy items!
Isn't he PRECIOUS?!?!
Happy yellow watering can... holds pens, scissors and jewelry tools.
These flowers are leftovers from a flower headband I made my niece FOREVER ago... then they graced random surfaces of my dorm room for two years... then they lived in a plastic tub for two more...
Now... are you ready for the "after" pictures?  I can hardly believe this is the same closet!


And AFTER!!!!
Oops.  It's better lighting than that, I promise...

Well... there you have it.  I don't have all of my supplies moved in yet, but since they are sooo scattered, I figure that will happen gradually over the next week or two. :-)  

And, now, I'm going to nap for a few days!  



  1. I PARTICULARLY love the memo board squares! I am so going to do this!!!!

  2. wow! These are all amazing! I found your blog through a link party and love it! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out mine and follow me too! Thanks!


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