Always, Katie: Home Improvement: Pay no attention to the mess behind the curtain!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home Improvement: Pay no attention to the mess behind the curtain!

We have a walk-in closet.  Until tonight, walking in was an ordeal, though!  The closet is not a lot deeper than the door, so we had to open the door (which opens inwards, idk WHY...), slide in sideways, and close the door in order to reach 3/4 of the closet space.  Not.  Convenient. 

I saw an idea a few months ago on a blog (I'm so sorry I don't remember where--I was doing a LOT of searching when I was toying with the idea of starting my own.), and it kinda stuck with me.  I talked it over with my loving husband, who was about as annoyed with the closet door as I was, and we decided that it would be quite helpful.  We took the door off its hinges (!!!) and hung a curtain!

It was not easy to find a curtain that we thought was pretty, fit in with our current decor, and didn't cost a bit much.  Then... we decided to walk through this nifty store near the Dayton Mall called "The Christmas Tree Shop"--which has no Christmas trees this time of year.  I've never really seen a store like it, and I'll have to tell you all about it later.  Suffice it to say, I was SHOCKED to find a beautiful red curtain panel for $12.  We bought a cafe rod with hardware for about $3 at Walmart.  

Here is our fantastic, space-saving, sanity-saving $15 home improvement project:

And, I did do some rearranging (especially of my diabetes supplies--those things get out of control so easily!) and cleaning up.  It is so much easier to know where to put things for convenience, since the WHOLE closet is convenient now!  Here's a peek... the color is way more accurate in the above picture than in this one, and I have a lot more clothes than you can see.  Still in winter-to-spring transition!  :-)

Less than 10 hours into spring break, 1 project down!  



  1. love this! we did the same thing for our daughter's nursery bc the door opened out, and took up half the wall, and was right in the way of where the crib needed to be. now it looks like part of the decor. LOVE simple, functional ideas like this!!

  2. That's awesome--I'll bet you could find some cute panels to use in a nursery! I'm a big fan of simple and CHEAP! Lol :-) We're still thrilled with the change... makes our closet and bathroom so much easier to use, and we've even kept it neater (which is a major coup for me, the messiest housewife ever)!


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