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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Party Recap!

A couple of weeks ago, I told you all about getting ready to launch beading birthday parties.  I had my first party, thanks (SO MUCH!!) to one of my favorite customers, last Tuesday.  And it was AWESOME!

All of the little girls (about 7 of them), some moms and I sat in a circle on the floor.  

I measured wrists and marked places on bead boards for everyone to plan out how they wanted their bracelets to look.

The kiddos had access to all of my grown-up beads, and it took some of them a long time to choose which they wanted to use and set up a pattern.  But.  I was amazed at some of the gorgeous combinations these six-year-olds came up with.  Kinda considering copying some of them, actually.  ;-)

Even a great-Grandma got in on the action!

Then, I finished all of the bracelets with the other end of a clasp.  (I had pre-made starters with one end of a clasp on each before I arrived.)  

What fun!  I had an absolute blast, and would loooove to do one of these for you and a group of girls you love--ages 6-106 ;-)



  1. Awesome idea! I bet little girls will love this. Moms, too! This provides an activity and a present for everyone!

  2. This would be a great idea for Girl Scouts. What is the cost per mom/daughter and is there a limit to the number of girls you would allow?

  3. Had a wonderful time!

  4. Yeah, it was a great evening :-)

    I'm charging $10 per girl. I think if I were to do adult parties, I'd have to charge $15--you'd be amazed how teensy six-year-old wrists are!! With enough adult supervision, I would do any size party. We would have to bead in rotations if there were more than 10-15 girls, though, so everyone could have a design board and be able to reach all the beads. :-)


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