Always, Katie: Book Review: December Caravan by Rebecca VanDeMark

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Book Review: December Caravan by Rebecca VanDeMark

One of my new favorite things to do as a blogger is participate in book launches.  I love reading, and I admire anyone who is willing to pour so much of their time and hearts into writing a book.  Writing my own book is on my 30 by 30 list, and while that's one of the more far-fetched items on my list, I hope to accomplish it someday. It's an honor to support and encourage those brave souls who've made the formidable leap from "someday" to published. :-)

Never has it been more an honor, though, than this most recent book I've helped to launch, December Caravan, written by my dear friend and personal hero, Rebecca VanDeMark.  

Rebecca is a normal girl with normal girl stories. What makes this book powerful is her extraordinary reaction to these normal girl problems. She meets each challenge - heartbreak, longing, fear, pain - with grace, faith, and wisdom.  I so admire this about her, and she sets a sterling example for those of us who struggle to make sense of our own trials.  
Through her retelling of her stories, she explores the idea of hidden blessings, draws parallels to scripture, and wrestles with "why," while weaving strings of hope and peace throughout. This ability is one of the things about her that makes her an extraordinary friend to have, and I love that she is able to show a larger audience this quality, and in effect become the patient and wise best friend of everyone who reads her book. 
Maybe you haven't been through the exact same experiences Rebecca has, but chances are, you've been through something similar and will recognize yourself in her stories. If you're struggling to process the struggles of your normal girl life, check out December Caravan and be inspired by how a normal girl finds the "extraordinary" in her normal circumstances and turns them into a force for good.

Rebecca is offering bulk/group discounts if you'd like to use December Caravan as a study book for a book club, youth girls study, retreats, etc. :-)  I would love to see tons of teen girls learning from Rebecca's beautiful example all over this country!  Finding hope and strength in normal girl struggle is such an important skill, and I believe it is one that needs modeled and taught as opposed to being innate.  :-)  And really, isn't it a skill we can all stand to develop a little more? 

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